building websites for beginnersSo you want to start your own online home business, and you’re considering whether you need a website. Perhaps you’ve heard that building websites for beginners is scary, even unnecessary.

In this article, I’m going to tell you why you MUST have a website and I’ll  show you how easy it is to build one even if you are a beginner.

Own Your Business, Don’t Rent a Space

Having a website is like owning your own business real estate. It’s yours to create and develop as an asset which you then have complete control over.

If your business relies solely on a site that is owned by someone else, like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook or any others, then it is controlled by them. What this means is that effectively they can and do make decisions that will impact your earning and long-term survival.

They could terminate their business or even shut yours down if they don’t like what you’re doing. Having your own website means you’re the owner and call the shots. You can even sell your website for a profit later if you so choose.


Building Websites for Beginners Is Easy Today

There was a time when building a website was a daunting task to be sure. Thankfully today you don’t have to be technically inclined or a whizz at writing code. In fact, building websites for beginners is getting easier all the time.

There are numerous services and platforms available that offer foolproof ways to create professional and effective sites. It can be confusing with all the options available to one.


What’s Required to Create a Quality Website?

  1. You’ll need a website building platform that is beginner friendly, and easy to use, offers a wide variety of themes, templates and add-on features and which is used by a lot of people so you can get help when you need it. I recommend WordPress which is the world’s most widely used website framework. The good news is WordPress is completely free for anybody to use.
  2. Then you need hosting for your website. This means a place on the web where your site and files are stored. Choosing the right hosting is crucial as it will determine how fast your site is loaded to readers. If it’s slow people will click away within seconds. There are heaps of providers available but I suggest you check any package you’re considering carefully.  Buying cheap sometimes means fewer features including speed. Personally, I prefer to use a service like Wealthy Affiliate where you get everything included for up to 50 sites and most importantly a top load speed too. 
  3. No matter what website platform and hosting you use, you must have access to training to show you how to best optimize your site so that it will be found in search engines. Also ideally you want to have access to experts who can help you when you need it. Optimizing your site correctly will bring traffic to your site, which is essential to make money. Plenty of people have websites that are never found by anybody which means they are useless. It’s like having a shop that nobody knows is there. Once again this is all included at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I want to show you how you can get your very own website that fulfills all of the above criteria and I want to show how you can build a website in the next few minutes at no cost.


Want to Build a WordPress Website Now – for Free?

To see how easy this can be and how you can get your own website up and running in under 30 seconds, watch the following video:



WATCH VIDEO: How to create a website in 30 seconds 


Ready to Build Yours Now? Here’s What to Do Next

Create a totally free account at

SiteRubix is the website builder platform that is part of Wealthy Affiliate and which you can check out at no cost.

You’ll get two free websites, step by step training, tools to help you optimize your sites and 24/7 support if you get stuck.

That’s how easy it is to get your own WordPress website up and running in minutes.


If you need help with your websites I’d love to help you, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me on the inside via my profile.