overcoming emotional barriers

Are emotional barriers such as fears and self-doubt causing you to procrastinate with your online home business?

To be successful, overcoming emotional barriers is not only necessary but requires a formula in your thinking and daily living, to take you to where you want to go. In this article, I’m going to share this formula with you.


Where Do Emotional Barriers Come From?

Firstly you’re not alone. Most of us encounter emotional barriers when we take on something new and outside our comfort zone.

They come from your past. They are created over the years as you interacted with your parents, school teachers, friends, peers, enemies and your environment in general. Eventually, they become like your own personal software, either driving you or failing to drive you to success.


How Not Overcoming Emotional Barriers Stops You

You have 40-60 000 thoughts per day. 90% of these come from your past. With that many thoughts do you think they might have a bearing on your life? You bet.

Obviously, you’re unaware of the vast majority of your thoughts. If that majority are negative and self-limiting then you can be sure they will impact your ability to take action to move forward.

Ralf Waldo Emerson said, “That which dominates our imaginations and thoughts will determine our character.”  What he meant is that what you think you become, what you think about becomes real in your life. You use your mind to create your future, either deliberately or by default.

In reality, you only have the present moment – RIGHT NOW. The past has gone and the future is not here yet which means the only way you can create your future and then your past, is right now, in the present moment.

Another way to describe “right now” is that it’s the moment you give energy to a thought. Did you know that you have the power and ability to insert any thought into your mind right now and control any outcome you want? So why don’t you do it?

You, like everybody, have a default bias to stay with what’s familiar and comfortable. You don’t like change. You’re comfortable with what’s familiar, even when it’s not in your best interests or doesn’t serve you. Heck, sometimes you will even re-create stuff that is not good for you.

So you live your life hoping, wishing and dreaming about a better future. When you consider an online business opportunity you get a glimpse of what you can become. You get excited about your future but then avoidance kicks in.

This happens because your mind is on autopilot, encouraging you to look to your past. You start to think, “I can’t do this.” “Who am I to think I can be successful?” “What if I fail?” “What will others think about me?”

So strong are these thoughts that you give in to them rather than push on and take the risk. Overcoming emotional barriers is necessary so that you can change your future and your past since your past predicts your future.


predict your future


Want to Know How to Predict your Future?

Did you know that you can predict your future with 95% accuracy just by looking at your past?

It’s all about repetition and patterns. What you did or did not achieve in the last five years is a reliable indicator of the next five years.
Think about it, how different is your life today from five years ago?

The same approach is used in job interviews. Prospective employers examine your past few year’s achievements. This tells them what they can expect from you in the future.

Insurance companies also do this to determine your premiums. They look at your past claims record and based on that, they predict whether you are likely to claim again in the future. If it appears so then you’ll pay more.


How Do You Get out of This?

Overcoming emotional barriers means you have to change but it’s not that easy. Most human beings don’t change because they’re not aware of this going on in their lives. Even if they are aware they don’t know how to change.

The great news is that you are capable of changing. It takes self-awareness, knowing what to do and a large dose of self-discipline.  For many, it also usually requires some help from someone like a coach otherwise you would already be doing this on your own.

life coaching Personally, it was only when I used a coach that I finally was able to work with my own mental barriers. This led me to become a coach myself. Now not only do I coach others how to overcome their emotional barriers but I continually coach myself.

A coach will train you to look to the future,  helping you to develop the momentum that will carry you forward to success. You need someone to help you operate more efficiently in the now, setting goals and assisting you to reach towards the outcomes you want to achieve.


What’s the Formula for Overcoming Emotional Barriers?

How do you create a formula in your thinking and your daily living to take you to where you want to go? You have to give yourself a compelling reason to look towards the future more often and here are three ways to achieve this.

1. Create a vision 

You have to create a vision with enough power to pull you towards your goal. What exactly will your life be like once you’ve achieved your goal? What will you be doing, saying, feeling, hearing that’s different?

2. Your goal must be other people centered 

This means your goal must be focused on delivering an outcome that is worthwhile to meaningful people in your life. When you become predisposed to helping others get what they want in life then you’ll ultimately get what you want. This occurs because of the emotional bonds we share with others.

3. Master your mind

You have to gain mastery over your inner world since it’s your inner world that ultimately determines your success, not just the actions you take.

In the next post in this series, I’ll give you three ways to kick start your mind mastery training.

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